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This is the account of how the Lord found me and began the restoration of my Christian life -

Having experienced many traumatic months of adjusting to life after divorce and concurrently establishing a new business, my life was void of any joy and meaningful purpose. I had no hope for tomorrow and no happiness for each day lived. I was in deep despair. At a very crucial time of despair, I experienced a sudden deliverance from the trauma in my life. I had no understanding of this deliverance or why it occurred. At that moment I felt a tremendous burden depart from me, as though I passed through a sieve to remove the emotional oppression. It was a remarkable and wonderful experience of being set free. I was energized for life. So, I set about seeking ways to change my life for the better.

Not having climbed the doorsteps of a Christian church in 30 years, I did not favor one denomination over another. As I was passing a church in my neighborhood, I noticed the church was conducting a week long seminar titled "Alpha Truth Awareness - How to Create Interpersonal Changes". I was attracted to the title and decided to attend. The basic format of each class segment was meta-physical meditation and learning to spiritually connect with the inner man for the purpose of changing the way life is seen and lived.

On the third night of the seminar the class meditation involved the five senses. The first part of the evening was recalling a pleasant life experience through each sense. Well, I was excited to actually connect to a memorable experience through each sense. I could vividly recall what was not only seen, but also what I smelled, tasted, heard and felt. Then we took a thirty minute break and came back into the room to continue the last half of the evening.

This part of the evening meditation using the senses was focused on mentally creating a scene and we could use the five senses to see what we wanted to see, taste what we wanted to taste, hear what we wanted to hear, smell what we wanted to smell and feel what we wanted to feel. Well, I was not able to create any sensory connections with the first four senses. This was a disappointment because my expectations were high based on the experiences I had during the first half of the evening. The last sense segment of the meditation was feeling what we wanted to feel by placing our hands and arms through two holes in an imagined white sheet. When I did this in the meditation, I was pricked in the palms of my hands. I flinched and withdrew my hands and arms. I was stunned by this experience and placed my hands and arms through the holes once again to further investigate this experience. I was pricked again! This time I received a vivid image of a crown of thorns on the head of Jesus! I was flooded from the top of my head to the soles of my feet as the Holy Spirit filled me to overflowing. Simultaneously, I heard a non-audible voice come into my mind saying, "I want you to die too, Don. But, I want you to do it my way." It was at this moment that I was given an understanding of my deliverance experienced two months earlier. Jesus delivered me from dispairing of life, even though I was not seeking His intervention. Then two months later in this meta-physical seminar, even though I was not seeking Him, He came to me a second time!! I began to weep and laugh at the same time. It was a great cleansing and a great joy! A most remarkable experience! This continued for three days before I could regain some sense of composure.

I can never forget that although I wasn't seeking or crying out to God, Christ came to me in a time of great need. I did not find Him, He found me!! Christ came to me when I was not seeking Him. I am most blessed of all men!

When I was twelve years old I was saved during the fifteen minute time period between Sunday School and preaching at a small Baptist church. The meeting had been arranged by my father and the pastor with my agreement that on that Sunday I would give my life to Christ. Having said the sinner's prayer, as led by the pastor, I had an experience of the Holy Spirit being deposited in my soul. Since I had no understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit, I was awed by the experience. By the time preaching began I was back to normal, but I never forgot that experience in the pastor's office. I never discussed it with my father or anyone else. I never sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit again until that evening in the meditation thirty five years later.

At the age of 17, I put the Lord on the back burner of the stove, so to speak, and set out to blaze my own trail in life. I lived my life apart from God for the next 28 years until that evening in the meditation seminar.

Living life as a natural man eventually led to a moment of emotional crisis as an adult man. But, demonic forces could not oppress me enough to get me to take my life. When the opportune time had come, the Lord rebuked my enemy and set me free! I now realize I was under His covenant blood covering established at my salvation experience!! I belonged to Him. In hindsight, I am kin to Job through this experience. Satan was allowed to take all of Job's possessions and strike him in his flesh to the point of death, but God would not allow satan to touch his life. I will forever know by a similar experience that I am a child of God and servant of Christ.

During the second meditation of the evening, it was not a mere sensing experience, it was a baptism that flooded every part of my being and filled me to overflowing with tears and joy!! Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace. He was faithful to watch over me those thirty years while I was backslidden and not seeking Him!

After I returned to some sense of self-control, I had an insatiable appetite to learn more about God and Jesus. The only Bible I had in my house at the time was a big King James version. I began to read and the language did not present a reading hindrance. It was as easy and comfortable as reading the newspaper! I understood everything I read and was awed by the revelation I was receiving. So much so that I knew I had to document each revelation or else I would forget. So, I would type the revelation into my 286 processor and give it a relative file name and save it. Then I would return to reading the Bible. This went on for two and a half years during all my spare time between work schedules and at night. It was a time of great anointing and experience with the Lord through the Holy Spirit. Then on a day when I was contemplating what to do with the myriad of files I accumulated, the Lord pieced them together like a puzzle and I was given a big picture of the Bible. This was another remarkable experience that surpassed my daily experience of writing because I could see the whole counsel of the Word.

As the writing was in progress the Lord opened a way for me to teach a Bible class in my church. Christ opened this door in order to fulfill my pledge to be in the ministry of the Word. I made this pledge two years after I was saved. When I turned away from the Lord to live my life as a natural man, He was faithful to bring me back to teach His Word. He did not remove His calling upon my life! Praise His name!!

After God gave me the big picture, I set about combining all the files into a cohesive presentation into book form. It was at this time I selected a title for the book "For the Eyes of Your Understanding". Having assembled the files, I presented a draft of the book to my senior pastor, pastor of the most prominent Church of God in the denomination, for his review and comments. I was a bit anxious, awaiting his reply because I was given things which I had not heard anyone previously preach. I was not confident the writing would get past his review without notable corrections. This was my first time for allowing another person to read the material. What I had written had not been read by anyone outside my local church.

This presentation was uniquely written between the Lord and myself. I had no pre-conceived notions about the Bible or knowledge of the Bible beyond John 3:16. My mind was furrowed virgin soil when the Holy Spirit taught me. So, I had no idea whether the draft sent to the pastor would be received or rejected because of errors of some sort.

The pastor's reply contained no recommendations for correction. His reply stated that if I was willing to invest the time and work needed to complete the book, he recommended I consider publishing. Well, I was excited that I was not rebuked theologically and I was energized to continue. As the book grew in size and was refined and developed to include scriptural validation to support the big picture format, it grew to excessive size and presented an overload problem for the reader. I was inspired to break down the book into a series of seven topical parts. Of course this added to the already lengthy time table for preparing the series for internet publication.

In 1999, the series "For the Eyes of Your Understanding" was copyrighted by the Library of Congress. As of 2007 the series was twenty one years in the making. There have been countless hours spent reformatting from the original 286 processor with a DOS operating system into Windows systems. From ASCII into Netscape Composer, into Corel Word Perfect, into Microsoft Word and then into Microsoft FrontPage. There's been one hard drive crash and recovery. There have been many obstacles to overcome preparing this work for internet publication. My IT learning curve has been lengthy. However, the Lord was faithful to keep me energized until the work was suitable for publication.

Because the Lord freely gave these revelations to me, I will freely give to whosoever is interested in reading and seeing fresh revelations of the agenda of God for mankind through Christ.

This website will benefit all readers and will substantiate that only God authored the Bible. The reader's faith will grow stronger when hidden manna of the scriptures reveal God's handiwork and agenda for mankind.

It will require time to read through all the material. I encourage you to read all the books. At anytime when you are blessed by these teachings, prayerfully consider supporting the continued development of this site. The internet is the least expensive way to reach the world with the gospel of Christ. Your support will be a great blessing and do a great work in the harvest field and the corporate church as well.

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